DynApt is purebred “Born in the Cloud” company. We do only Cloud, AI/ML and Analytics and do it with great passion and extremely well.

Take a journey with us – explore our Products, Accelerators & Services and tell us how DynApt can help you "Multiply Your Business Potential"

Advanced level Products

All our Products are built on Cloud and offered as Services – there is NO on-premises, licensing & packaged software installation required

Dynapt has built cloud scale solution being used by enterprise customers worldwide in following domains:

  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Platform/App Modernization
  • AI/ML
  • Video Analytics
  • IoT

And we like to keep it simple –You pay for what you use, when you use and the duration you use it for.


Accelerate your custom solution

Computing world is at GREAT inflection point with rapid growth of Cloud Computing and Mobility… necessitating innovation throughout software development stack. Traditional Scale Up applications will not deliver performance gains that keep pace with customers’ expectations. Application performance gains will only come if these scale to utilize ubiquitous multi core hardware – Scale Out software development is the new paradigm. DynApt has deep expertise in Cloud Ready, Scale-Out, Parallel Software Development & Cloud deployment, along with front-end mobility solutions.

DynApt has created Software and IP building blocks that can be used to accelerate custom solution creation for specific requirements of customers

Analytics Accelerator

AI/ML Accelerators

Architecture & Security Assessment

technical services


Cloud Scale Applications


Software-as-a-Service Enablement


Cloud Scale Applications


Managed Cloud Services


Cloud Architecture & Security Assessment



Today Cloud Computing and Mobility are providing solutions to most pressing and challenging problems that Enterprises worldwide face. To help alleviate these, DynApt combines the deep technical expertise in the realm of Cloud Ready, Scale-Out, Parallel application development, testing and Cloud deployment, along with front-end mobility solutions.

DynApt combines deep technical expertise across Cloud and Mobility domains with business knowledge of specific verticals and industries to enable Enterprises to Multiply Their Business Potential


Deep Cloud Expertise

Public Cloud: DynApt has deep expertise on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Mobility: DynApt has expertise in development of native, HTML5 and cross platform framework based apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms

DynApt understands rapidly evolving technology changes being driven by Cloud and Mobile Computing and resultant implications on software development. We are at the forefront, leading this shift in software development paradigm as it moves from single threaded applications to multi-threaded, massively parallel and scalable applications that leverage infinite scale of Public Cloud at back-end with Mobility at the front-end.r.